3 Day Inca Trail & Rainbow Mountain Trek Package

This fantastic 2 Day Inca Trail and Rainbow Mountain Trek Package covers the last section of the Inca Trail and Machu Picchu.

When you hike the Short Inca Trail to Machu Picchu you will see impressive Inca ruins, expansive mountain scenery, lush subtropical vegetation and extraordinary ecological varieties. The “Ancient Inca Road” goes through the National Park and enters through the Sun Gate with unforgettable views of Machu Picchu.

We will pass through cloud forests and finally into subtropical vegetation. People hiking the short Inca Trail Trek will have the privilege of seeing the famous Machu Picchu Citadel in the afternoon on the first day and also visiting it the next morning! This trek was designed for those with little travel time who would like to experience a part of the Historic Inca Trail

On our last day we will hike Rainbow Mountain which is one of our most popular Add-ons to our various Machu Picchu Treks.

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3 Day Inca Trail and Rainbow Mountain Trek Package ITINERARY


With three full days packed with excitement waiting for us, we begin your hotel pick up bright and early. Be ready for us at 4 am so we can start the drive through the Sacred Valley to the train station in Ollantaytambo.

We arrive with plenty of time to spare for your 6:10 am departure, so grab some coffee and have your breakfast. Today is a big day, make sure you’re well energized for it! We’ll be on the train for roughly an hour and ten minutes before arriving to KM104, our starting point for the day (elevation 2,100m/6,927ft).

Here, we find our first checkpoint of the day. Take a minute here to repack your bag, stuff and last minute snacks in your cheeks, reapply sunscreen and bug spray and adjust your hiking poles. Our first ruin of the day is Chachabamba, found just a few steps from the entrance of the hike.

We’ll take a few minutes here to explore the area and listen to the history from your guide before beginning the main section of the hike. The main section of the hike consists of roughly three hours of gradual uphill climbing. We’ll pass plenty of viewpoints and great photo ops, so keep your cameras ready!

At the end of this section of the hike is a beautiful waterfall where we can stop to rest our legs for a while. The next part is shorter but much steeper. Next stop, Wiñay Wayna!

From the waterfall it is just a few more minutes until we get our first glance at Wiñay Wayna (2,650m/8747 ft) nestled in the mountain. After climbing the steep stairs we can take a moment to explore these truly remarkable ruins, learning about the history and the discovery which happened long after Machu Picchu was discovered.

We stop for lunch at the Wiñay Wayna campsite, this is where our trail joins the 4 day Inca Trail route. We have about 2 hours left until we reach Machu Picchu! The next hour winds up and down, coming to a head at the “Gringo Killer” steps- steps so steep you’ll be using your hands to help you up!

Finally, we arrive at the iconic Inti-Punku, the Sun Gate. From here, you will be able to enjoy your first glimpse at Machu Picchu. Soak it in, grab some pictures, and from here we begin our final stretch. This is an hour downhill, through a few more ruins before reaching the iconic Machu Picchu.

We will have a little time here to enjoy the view from the famous viewing platform before leaving and taking the bus to Aguas Calientes, the town below. Here, we will get you checked into your hotel and fed before an early night, ready for the tour of the citadel tomorrow.

  • Meals included: Box lunch and dinner in Aguas Calientes
  • Accommodation: 3* Ferre Hotel Machu Picchu
  • Difficulty: Moderate.

You will leave an overnight bag at the Ollantaytambo train station to be sent by train directly to Aguas Calientes.


Today is the day! We begin exploring the magnificent Machu Picchu, where you can learn all about why they call her the Old Sacred Mountain. Even today she has magical and mysterious presence that is hard to explain.  If your group takes the first bus at 5:30AM to the Machu Picchu Citadel, you may be in time to enjoy the sunrise over Machu Picchu

Your guide will expertly show you through the ruins, answering all of your questions throughout your morning tour of Machu Picchu.  Be sure to take a moment to soak in the vibes of the city and appreciate the journey you took to get here.

You will descend to Aguas Calientes when you are ready to eat lunch and later on board the Expedition Train at pm 2:55 PM or 3:20 PM for the return trip to Cusco. You will arrive at the Ollantaytambo Train Station and where our private van will be waiting to take you back to Cusco, arriving in your hotel at around 7 pm.

  • Meals included: Breakfast at your hotel
  • Hotel: 3* Maytaq Wasin or Waman Hotel


  •  On the 2 day Inca Trail, we will be doing the circuit #3 and there is no way to do another circuit unless you buy an additional entrance to Machu Picchu.
  • You can upgrade to the Vistadome Train for the same times, 2:55pm or 3:20pm, 4:22pm, or 4:43pm. The cost is $67 USD.
  • Early trains can be organized by requested and it has to be done by booking time.
  • The Huayna Picchu Mountain Hike depends on availability and let us know about it at booking time.


Another day, another early start. Be ready for your guide to pick you up at 4 am as we begin our trip to the famous Rainbow Mountain. It’s a three hour drive through the South Valley, so keep your eyes peeled for the various ruins, Inca terraces, traditional villages, and if you’re really lucky, the giant guinea pig statues. Before you know it, we will be arriving to the trailhead of Llacto (4,638m / 15,216 ft).  

We will have breakfast in the company of herds of llamas and alpacas before beginning our hike, following the trail as it winds along a stream. Views of the Ausangate mountain and glaciers will accompany you along the way.

Why not stop for a chat with one of the local people and learn a little about the Quechua way of life, what their clothes mean and the significance of their hats. Your guide will help you with translation and even teach you a few words in Quechua.

After an hour and a half of hiking, we will finally arrive to our destination: the Rainbow Mountain (5,020m /16,466ft). After taking a moment to admire its unique beauty, you will have time to explore the area.

You can take pictures or just soak up the view. We will spend roughly 30 minutes at the top. Afterwards, there is an optional hike across the Red Valley.  This walk takes an additional 45 minutes.

At this point, we hike back down the way we came. The hike takes 1 hour, then we enjoy our lunch which will be prepared by our chef.

We will embark on the 3-hour drive back to Cusco and drop you off at your Cusco hotelarriving around 6:00pm.

  • Meals included: hot breakfast & lunch
  • Difficulty: moderate to challenging


WHAT IS INCLUDED for the 2 Day Inca Trail & Rainbow Mountain Trek Package?

  • Professional guide for three days.
  • Expedition train from Ollantaytambo to KM 104 and from Aguas Calientes to Ollantaytambo.
  • Inca Trail permits
  • Two nights hotel accommodation with private room, bathroom, wifi and breakfast (This applies if you are paying the price which included hotels)
  • Meals a indicated on the itinerary
  • Bus tickets from Aguas Calientes – Machu Picchu -Aguas Calientes.
  • Personal assistance

WHAT IS NOT INCLUDED for the 2 Day Inca Trail & Rainbow Mountain Trek Package?

  • Hotel – optional upgrades tp 4* or 5* hotels
  • Huayna Picchu Tickets: $75 USD per person
  • Upgrade to Vistadome: $67 USD per person  (Return only Aguas Calientes to Poroy/Cusco)
  • Tips for your guide

**Huayna Picchu Mountain is a optional trek within Machu Picchu Citadel which do not include a guide. The climb is usually done on your own after your tour of Machu Picchu Citadel. If you would like the extra hike to be guided, please request in advance. There is an extra cost for this extra guided tour. 


  • Transfer from the airport to hotel: (Cusco hotel only)
  • SMALL GROUPS: up to 8 hikers
  • EARLY TRAIN: for the return to Cusco from Aguas Caliente

Price & Availability

The 2 Day Inca Trail & Rainbow Mountain Trek Package is available on any date that its best for you (except February when the Inca Trail closes for maintenance). Join in with our group and get the best deals.


  • $577 USD per person without hotels
  • $647 USD per person with 2 nights 3* hotels
  • $752 USD per person with 2 nights 4* hotels

Private service is available for $100 USD more per person.

All entrance fees are included and we operate our tours in small groups averaging 5 people with a maximum of 8!  


  • 18 to 25 years old: $30 USD. Information required on student card: name of university, student name, photo of student, expiration date etc. A copy of the card is required at booking for government approval of discount.
  • Under 18 years old: $30 USD. Please send us a copy of your passport at the time of booking.
  • Under 11 years old: $40 USD.  Please send us a copy of your passport at the time of booking.


  • Huayna Picchu Mountain: $75 USD per person
  • Vistadome: $67 USD per person
  • Hotel single supplement: 3* $40 USD

Huayna Picchu Mountain is a optional trek within Machu Picchu Citadel which do not include a guide. The climb is usually done on your own after your tour of Machu Picchu Citadel. If you would like the extra hike to be guided, please request in advance. There is an extra cost for this extra guided tour. 



We are a family owned travel agency and direct local tour operator based in Cusco with many years of trekking experience.  We are a 100% Cusqueñian Company without any shareholders.

My dream as the owner was to create small personalized tours & treks strictly and only operated by local professional staff catering in PERSONALIZED and HIGH QUALITY SERVICE.  

We take pride in our reputation as a RESPONSIBLE & SUSTAINABLE tour operator. Our staff are our extended family. We ensure they are supported financially by paying them a good wage. We are so proud of our team! Without them, we couldn’t give the best service and lifetime experiences to our clients.


To ensure a more personalized service for our guests, we have a policy that our groups will not exceed 8 people. This fact alone sets us apart from other companies that operate departures with bigger groups.


We are so proud of our guides! They are highly professional and speak fluent English. They are very knowledgeable and passionate for Inca heritage and history.  Our guides are dedicated to continuous personal and professional development. They do research to ensure that you receive accurate and recognized theories in Inca and Andean culture. Our crew is fun lovinggreat sports and well-educated. They all hold degrees in one of the following: Archeology, Tourism, Botany, History or Anthropology.


We have always believed that we should give back to the communities we pass through on our treks. Therefore, as part of our commitment in responsible tourism, we socially support and employee from these communities.

We are proud to be able to support these beautiful people, not only in hiring them for work but to bring things back to grassroots, to share  in their home and families. This makes us  happy to have a holistic approach with our highland employees and their families!

A beautiful reflection of our attitude in everything we do, is that we wish to make life richer and more meaningful for all involved.

Important Info


Please read the following information carefully; it will answer all of your questions about our services and 2 Day Inca Trail & Rainbow Mountain Trek Package


The briefing will take place the night before the trek at 6pm in our office, which is located at Calle Garcilaso 210, office 213 (second floor) in the La CASA DEL ABUELO shopping center.


Of course! During the Sacred Valley & Short Inca trail to Machu Picchu Package your main luggage can be stored at our office or at your hotel, whichever is more conveninet for you.


To book your 2 Day Inca Trail & Rainbow Mountain Trek Package, we need you to fill out our booking form by clicking on BOOK NOW on our homepage or clicking the link BOOK NOW.

Please have the following information ready (for EACH PARTICIPANT in your group).  We cannot purchase an Inca trail permit, entrance to Machu Picchu or the train without the following information:

  • Your full name, exactly as on your passport
  • Gender as it appears on your passport
  • Passport number
  • D.OB. (dd / mm / yyyy)
  • Nationality

We also require a deposit of US$211.00 per person in order to purchase a your Inca Trail permit, entrance to Machu Picchu and train ticket.  You can make you deposit by clicking on the VISA or PAYPAL symbols on the top of our home page, or you can click on the VISA or PAYPAL symbols on our booking page or click here on the payment method of your choice, either VISA or PAYPAL.


If you would like to avoid the high credit card fees in Peru, you may pay in cash at our office (US dollars or Peruvian soles) here in Cusco. There are many ATMS within the historical center to withdraw money. You can also pay by VISA or PAYPAL online but you will have to pay a 5.5% service fee, charged by VISA and PAYPAL.  To pay your balance through PAYPAL, you need to log into your PAYPAL account and use our email address samtravelperu@gmail.com. 


According to Peruvian Law, you must be under 18 years of age at the time of your trek or tour to Machu Picchu (students 18 & above need student cards). For example: if you book a trek at the age of 17 but you turn 18 before you do your trek, you must have a valid university ID card to qualify for the student discount.

  • University students must provide a copy of their ID card showing a photo, University name and card expiration date. Cards must be valid for the current academic year only.
  • All students from 11 to 17 years, the discount is $30 USD.
  • For children from the age of 2 to 11 the discount is $40 USD.
  • Children from the age of 0 to 2 are free.

All students must provide a copy of their passport at the time of their booking to get the student discount. Send us a copy at info@samtravelperu.com


Unfortunately the answer is no. Once the tickets for the Inca Trail have been bought the government does not allow any changes, so we can’t change any departure date after the tickets has been bought. Tickets are also not transferable nor refundable.
*** If you cancel your 2 Day Inca Trail & Rainbow Mountain Trek Package, the deposit is not refundable at all!


Yes! You have to bring your original passport and it is very important that it is the same passport number you sent to us to book your entrance to Machu Picchu, train ticket, other entrances and reservations. The rangers will check when you enter the Inca Trail and Machu Picchu. The train company will also check your passport before allowing you to board the train.

In case you are renewing your passport or changing your name send us your old passport information to secure your permit. When your new passport arrives we can change the information for a fee of $25 per person.  We must have a copy of your old and new passport to make the change, so be sure to send us a copy of your old passport before sending off for your new one.

If you do not wish to pay this fee you will need to bring both passports to Peru with you.  You can enter Peru with your new passport but you will need to show both passports, old and new to be to enter into Machu Picchu or the train.  If you do not have both you will not be allowed to enter into Machu Picchu or get on the train. They are very strict about this here!!


The weather is very unpredictable and it’s difficult to foresee.  We recommend that you bring a warm jacket for early morning and a poncho in case of rain.


If you’re happy with the services provided, a tip – though not compulsory – is appreciated. While it may not be customary in your country, it’s of great significance for the people who will take care of you during the tour.  It inspires excellent service and is an entrenched feature of the tourism industry across many destinations. Of course you are free to tip as much as you feel appropriate, depending on your perception of the quality and the length of your tour. Remember, a tip is not compulsory and should only be given when you receive excellent service.


Yes, we are a local sustainable & responsible tourism operator for that we incorporate the universal principles of tourism: protect the environment and benefit the local communities respecting their culture and religion. With this in mind, we have trained all our staff to know, understand and respect the local places and its people.

The Sacred Valley & Short Inca Trail to Machu Picchu Package does not include extra porter. Tou will need to carry all your things. Please try to pack as light as possible which is the key to enjoy this amazing trek.

Packing List

What you have to take with you for the 2 Day Inca Trail & Rainbow Mountain Trek Package?

In your daypack for the Short Inca Trail, you should have:

  • Original Passport (it has to be the same you have used for booking your trek)
  • Good daypack (the smaller, the better)
  • Water storage:  2-3 litre Camelbaks are encouraged.
  • Comfortable hiking boots with ankle support
  • Toilet paper
  • Jacket if cold season
  • Waterproof gloves – rainy season
  • Sun hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Insect repellent
  • Wool hat if cold season
  • Rain gear  – rainy season
  • Snacks like chocolate bars, cereal bars or any dry fruit
  • Rain poncho
  • Camera
  • Extra money for souvenirs, drinks & tips
  • Valuables

In your duffel that will be sent by train from Ollantaytambo to Aguas Calientes:

  • A change of clothes for visiting Machu Picchu the next day
  • Personal toiletries
  • Personal medications
  • Battery chargers

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