The 2 Days Inca Trail Hike


The Two Day  Inca  Trail allows  you to walk at  a  slightly slower, more relaxed  pace than  The 1 day Inca Trail, so  you  can  immerse yourself in your  surroundings and  fully appreciate  the  magic  of  the  moment. Experience the  most  incredible views  of  Machu Picchu across  both  days.Your  arrival in Machu  Picchu is  scheduled  for  later in the  day, where there  are  fewer tourists and  the best  time  to  take  pictures  with  an  unobstructed  view. By 5pm you  head to your  hotel for  some  much  needed overnight rest.

Day two. After  a nice  hot  shower  and a  great  breakfast,  you  return  to  Machi  Picchu. Now  explore  the  majestic  sights of  circuit #3, the  rich  history  of  the  Inca Ruins and  listen to your guide sharing  the  most  fascinating stories about  the  thriving ancient culture of  the  Incas. 

PLEASE NOTE : The  new  updated  regulations for Machu  Picchu require you to  purchase an additional  circuit ticket if you want to see all of Machu Picchu Citadel.  Please  review  new circuits  for  more  information.


DAY 1: Cusco – 104 Km – Wiñayhuayna -Sun Gate-Machu Picchu

As with the 1 day Inca Trail trek.

The adventure of a lifetime begins. Your driver will pick you up at the crack of dawn (at around 4am). You have a short tranquil drive to Ollantaytambo, take this opportunity to catch a short nap. If already in Ollantaytambo, your driver will pick you up at around 5:20am. After that it´s a short drive to the train station.

You arrive at the train station as the sky begins to brighten. The peace of morning soul soothing. The train ride in itself is magical. On your left, the Urubamba River curves gently, acting as a road to the mountains and forest on your right. You are flanked on your right by rugged mountains. You can´t help but gaze up at the rugose and rough-hewn mountains with a sense of awe. Passing snow-hooded mountains, encased in a necklace of white snow. The ruggedness of the mountains transforms to lush trees, with dazzling splashes of color. The aroma of the forest fresh and organic.

The Expedition Train takes you to KM104 (elevation 2,100m/6,927ft), the checkpoint and starting point of your trek. Be ready to meet likeminded people once you cross the bridge over the Urubamba River. Once at the checkpoint take the opportunity to use the restrooms, apply insect repellent and sunscreen, pack your box lunch (no typical box lunch), purchase extra snacks (only if needed) and fill up on water.

The first Archeological site you get to see is just a minute outside the checkpoint. Learn the history and thriving culture of the Incas from a 100% authentic and knowledgeable Peruvian guide. The trek passes by flora and fauna unique to the Inca trail, with its vivid and radiant colors. The Urubamba River guides your path to your left and a brooch of snow draped, heaven-kissing mountains to your right.

Pass a small waterfall with its waters cascading into the rocks. Splash your face with the glistening, clear waters of the small serenity pool below. Take pictures of the vegetation nodding gently.

Now take the moderate climb up to the chiseled remnants and remote archaeological site of Wiñayhuana, (2,650m/8747 ft). The views from this point are absolutely spectacular. You should be thrilled with your achievement so far. Lunch is only a few minutes away. 

Once you reach the campsite of Wiñayhuana, stop and take a breather. Enjoy the camaraderie with the other trekkers. Your scrumptious box lunch is a quinoa salad complete with beef, chicken or vegetarian options. 

The rest of the trek is pretty gradual. Climb up the monkey steps, like a real monkey. Once you reach the top oSun Gate Elevation (2,730mts/9,007ft) trust you me, the feeling you get is just indescribable. The size and majesty of Machu Picchu at the bottom will simply take your breath away. Take loads of pictures, there is no better view in the world.  As you make your way down to Machu Picchu be sure to ask your guide as many questions as possible.

Your first exploration of Machu Picchu is in the afternoon with minimum tourists around. Very low probability of getting photo bombed . If you arrive timeously, you will get a 2hour guided tour of circuit #3.  You get to explore one of the new 7th wonders of world. Be mesmerized by the sheer brilliance, genius and precision of Incan Engineering, to have constructed a site with such  great structural integrity, with very little tools and such unforgiving terrain. Their mastering of the Ashlar technique is to be marveled. Immerse yourself in its rich historical-cultural legacy and their long and layered history.

At around 4pm, you make your way down the winding roads of Machu Picchu by bus to the quaint town of Agues Caliente. Browse the many local flea markets in town, enjoy the walkability of the coble stone streets and have a delicious dinner at a local restaurant before retiring for the night.

  • Meals: Box Lunch & Dinner (Included)
  • Accommodation: Ferre Hotel  Machu Picchu

DAY 2: Aguas Calientes- Machu Picchu – Cusco

On day 2, you will be able to enjoy exploring Machu Picchu and experience her magical presence by taking the first bus at 5:30AM to the Machu Picchu archeological site.  If you hurry you will be able to see the sunrise over Machu Picchu. You’ll have plenty of time during day 2 to see every inch of this new 7th Wonder of the World and UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site. It is an unforgettable experience.

Your guide will expertly direct you through the energetic ruins and its diverse main streets. Then you’ll have an opportunity to explore on your own – climb the intricately carved stairways made of stone, or relax enjoy the pure delight of the moment.

You might also be interested in some alternative activities once you are here. For example – climb up Huayna Picchu or Machu Picchu Mountain (not included in your tour price and must be booked in advance.) You will be given some time to walk to the Sun Gate or Inti Punku (free of charge). If you are ready to head back early, you could head to Aguas Calientes to see the new local museum or visit the hot springs (entrance fees required).

Either way, at  the  end  of the tour day, the group will meet at Aguas Calientes to eat lunch and later on board the expedition train at 4:22pm for the return trip to OllantaytamboFrom here you will be driven back to your hotel in Cusco in a private van arriving at around 8pm.

Meal: Breakfast (Included)

Huayna Picchu mt & Machu Picchu mt price

Huayna Picchu mountain ($75) and Machu Picchu mountain ($70) are available with the 2 day Inca Trail hike but need to be booked in advance and will depend on availability.


2 Inca Trail to Machu Picchu Map

short inca trail to machu picchu map


Packing Checklist for the 2 day Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

The 2 day Inca Trail hike does not include a porter to carry your belongings, so you will need to pack as light as possible to make sure you are able to carry your bag for the whole journey.

  • Original passport (this has to match the passport used for the booking)
  • Good daypack (the smaller, the better)
  • Reusable water bottle (in an effort to reduce plastic waste, disposable bottles are not allowed)
  • Comfortable hiking boots with ankle support
  • Toilet paper
  • Windbreaker or warm jacket
  • Layers – so you are able to remove a layer or two if you become too hot during the hike.
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Wet wipes
  • Personal medication
  • Sun hat or woolen hat (depending on the season) and sunscreen
  • Rain gear (if it´s rainy season)
  • Snacks like chocolate bars, cereal bars or any dry fruits
  • Insect Repellent
  • Rain plastic poncho
  • Camera
  • Extra money for souvenirs and tips


Dry Season

May through November is dry season. That does not mean that it never rains in the dry season but it is mostly dry with an occasional light shower.

Rainy Season

The rainy season begins usually in December and last until April. In the rainy season, there can be frequent heavy tropical showers.

On the Inca Trail, weather conditions vary depending on whether its dry season or wet season . The route for the 1 day Inca Trail, the altitude is 1000 meters or 3000 feet lower than Cusco. Therefore, it tends to be a bit warmer during the day and at night.

It is more tropical and more humid than Cusco. There is always a chance of rain showers, especially in the cloud forest areas. In the rainy season, these showers will last longer and may become intense tropical rain showers. The Inca Trail is made of stones laid on the ground, so it can be more slippery to walk on in the rainy season.


Photos of The Inca Trail Photos 2 Days