Top Inca Trail Operators

Top Rated Short Inca Trail Operators 2023

Find out the best Short Inca Trail Operators for trekking to Machu Picchu, which is often a once in a lifetime experience, so undoubtedly, you’ll want to make sure you choose the best Short Inca Trail tour operator for your adventure. One with a good reputation, that fits your budget, and offers the style of trek you really want (group or private, two-day or one day, upgraded hotel etc).

If you are beginning your search for an Inca Trail tour operator, this blog is a good place to start. There are more than 200 licensed Inca Trail operators in Peru. We’ve pulled together this list which includes some of the most well established and reputable Peru-based companies recommended through personal experience, and through friends and colleagues working within the Peruvian tourism industry, particularly in Cusco. We’ve also included companies that have had consistently positive reviews within other travel guides and websites such as Tripadvisor, Facebook and google. 

We don’t claim that this is a definitive list; there are certainly other tour companies out there, both new and old, that probably deserve to be featured here – feel free to recommend a company in the comments section below so that we can look at and maybe feature next time. 

Our Recommendations of Top Rated Short Inca Trail Operators

As well as the glowing recommendations that these companies have received, it’s also important to note that they are all based in Cusco Peru, so as well as the benefit of local guides with a wealth of knowledge and information, your money would also be helping the communities of Cusco Peru and sustaining the ecosystem. 

In addition all these companies offer alternative treks to Machu Picchu, as well as various other tours around Cusco and beyond.

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4.9 (2,207) by tripadvisor

80 trips to Inca Trail | Regional Expert Service level: top

  • Small intimate groups of 2 to 8 person
  • Guaranted and Secure Trips

SAM TRAVEL PERÚ is a family-owned Travel Company & Tour Operator located in Cusco, Peru that creates customized uniquely designed adventure treks and tours to untouched wilderness places, OFF THE BEATEN TRACK, in the High Andes Mountains of Peru. Our many years of experience is demonstrated in our excellent reviews!

4.9 (160) by tripadvisor

45 trips to Inca Trail | Regional Expert Service level: Standard

  • Small intimate groups of 2 to 8 person
  • Guaranted and Secure Trips

ORANGE NATION is Peruvian owned Travel Company that specializes in tour and trekking in Cusco Peru. They are experienced in offering small group personalized service for tours from the BREATHTAKING ANDES MOUNTAINS TO THE MAJESTIC MACHU PICCHU CITADEL. Making your experience beyond what even you could have dreamed!

4.9 (6) by tripadvisor

45 trips to Inca Trail | Regional Expert Service level: Standard

  • Small intimate groups of 2 to 8 person
  • Guaranted and Secure Trips

SPIDER TRAVEL PERU is an innovative adventure travel company in Cusco Peru that offers UNPARALLELED EXPERIENCES TO UNTOUCHED WILDERNESS AREAS. Our adventure treks and tours are specific and carefully designed to cater to budget and personal needs!

Another Top Inca Trail Tour Company to Consider

As noted earlier, there are plenty of the Short Inca Trail Operators out there, and although the list above was based on personal experience and the experience of those we know, the following recommendation is a new company but managed by a seasoned tour guide manager that is now offering luxury hiking (includes the Short Inca Trail) and tours:

  • Glamping Peru Treks creates treks and tours that offer unsurpassed luxury and comfort while hiking off the beaten track. All accommodation, food, and services are of the highest quality and standards. If you are looking for something upscale and luxurious while trekking or touring, this is the absolute best option for you. Do not be afraid to work with their service operators to create your dream personalized luxury trek or tour. The company group size averages 2 to 4 people, not exceeding 8 people. If you love your privacy, be sure to ask for a private tour.

As for operators that do package deals throughout Peru Short Inca Trail, try local operators like Sam Corporation which offer trips to any part of Peru you would like to visit and have extensive local knowledge.

Non-Peruvian tour operators include companies like Intrepid Travel that offer treks, typically as part of a larger package. These larger international tour operators often use local operators to actually run their treks.

Generally speaking, if you just want to book a trek along the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, or any alternative route, it’s best to use a truly local company Like Orange Nation Peru. But if you want a full travel package (for example, from Lima to Cusco to Machu Picchu and back again, all included), then try Sam Corporations.

How to know if a travel company is good?

We recommend seeing their reviews on trip advisor, google and other forums before booking your trip to the Inca Trail. Each company offers a different type of service. Some lead large groups others lead small groups. Their prices vary depending on the size of the group and inclusions.